August 13, 2017

1st and 4th

The boys are back in school now and Peter is headed off to 4th grade in Mrs. Fors class. We knew we'd like her when we showed up to back to school night and she was wearing a dress covered in computer code.

Benji is in 1st grade in Ms. Connors' class and he is loving it already. Both boys were sad that neither of their best friends wound up in their classes but it seems they are pretty happy otherwise.

And while Nora asks me if it's time to pick up the boys from school almost every hour after we drop them off, we've been having fun times together. This is basically her uniform of late -- a pink ballet costume, camo hat, riding her bike barefoot.

July 30, 2017

Twin Falls, Idaho

A few days after getting back from England, we loaded up once again and headed to Twin Falls, ID for a week long reunion with all of Travis' siblings at a church girls camp in the mountains.

Since Travis didn't go with us the first time, our first stop on the way was to see the Seven Magic Mountains. Let's just say it was 115 degrees and no one was very excited to be outside.

Luckily Idaho was significantly cooler and we even arrived before 2 am! We loved being up in the gorgeous mountains. A curious moose wandered into our camp one afternoon and we also saw some porcupines. One of our first treks was a short hike up to a waterfall.

I love watching cousins who are the same age playing together. I think Nora, Lincoln, and Alvin here are all just yelling at each other. I'm not sure why. Probably because they are 3 years old.

The first night all the kids put together a pretty involved talent show for the adults.
 The boys performed several funny little skits, with the littles doing random talents like hullahooping in between.

 And the girls performed a dance choreographed by Brooke.
 It was an incredibly fun night! These kids are hilarious and worked so hard all day long putting the show together. I loved it!!
 However trying to get 16 cousins all together for a picture was a bit of an ordeal, especially after Russell took a tumble (face-first) down the hill after this one was snapped. What a bunch of goofs.
 Travis got everyone hooked on geocaching while we were up there so besides several cut-throat games of kickball, we wound up going out several times a day to look for treasures.

 Calvin and Benji
 Grandma sacked out with baby Kimball.
 How to you convince your 15 year old cousin to give you and your cousin a piggy back ride? Just tell him it's for conditioning!

 The kids were absolutely filthy at the end of each day -- especially since Nora refused to wear the shoes we brought her.

S'mores make every camp out perfect.

July 2, 2017

Summer & Switzer Falls

Nora running through the sprinklers in her underwear is all of us during the summer.

Crazy hair day for the boys at Vacation Bible School

Peter shooting slingshots at Cub Scout Camp

 'Child Labor' -- Nora and Benji packing up Lego knobs ... this is a never ending task these days and a great way for the kids to earn some spending money :)

Just before Travis and I went out of town we took the kids hiking to Switzer Falls. It's still one of favorite places to go and the kids did a great job hiking.

 I believe Peter was trying to tell me the water was cold here...

June 24, 2017

Lee family Oxnard Beach Trip

After school got out we met up with Jono and Tracie's families and my mom down at a beach house in Oxnard for a beautiful week on the beach. We had such a fun time watching all the cousins playing together and enjoying the gorgeous weather.

Nora bellying up to the bar.

 Carter and Cami teaching Nora how to sing "Call Me Maybe"

 All eight squirrley cousins with Grandma.