May 15, 2017

Las Vegas Vay-Cay

Travis has made plans to attend a tradeshow in Las Vegas the week of his and Benji's birthdays, so we decided to join him. While Travis was off playing master salesman, the kids and I were exploring all of the great parks around Vegas.
Thankfully, most also had splash pads and the kids had a blast.

The kids were actually the most excited about staying in a hotel and having complete control over morning cartoons.

One night we went to see the Bellagio fountains and the kids were enthralled...despite Nora's face here.

One afternoon, we made a quick stop at the Silverton Hotel to visit their aquarium. The boys were entertained by the giant rays and Nora was in love with the mermaids.

 To celebrate Travis' birthday Thursday night and as a belated celebration for Benji's birthday, we surprised the kids with tickets to Tournament of Kings. Benji was a little exhausted going in but after downing an ENTIRE CHICKEN all the kids perked right up.

 Jousting! Sword Fights! Flame Throwers! Horses! 
It was quite the production.

 The kids were so caught up in the spectacle. Benji and Peter don't usually get excited about sporting events but they were cheering and yelling through the entire show. In fact, I looked over at one point and all three boys had the exact same expression on their faces.

 I love these crazy people. Even if we can't manage a family photo.

 We stopped in St. George for Mother's Day and Nora and Travis were practically making my heart explode from the overload of cuteness while picking flowers on our walk.

Benji turns 6

Benji finally turned 6! We decided not to have a big party this year due to big surprise we had planned (stay tuned!) and Benji was incredibly excited for the big day. No kidding, we probably had this conversation over 100 times the few weeks before his birthday:
Benji: So, when's my birthday? 
me: On Sunday.
Benji: Yeah, but when's my birthday party?
me: Remember, we aren't having a big party. But your birthday is on Sunday.
Benji: Okay, but when's my birthday?
me: Sunday.
Benji: but when's my party?

Rinse and repeat.

He convinced us to open presents before church and he was thrilled with his Pikachu shirt 
 and laser guns (which are seriously cool)!

After church, a couple of the young men from church came over and brought a cotton candy machine which seriously made the kids' day.

After a few rounds of Mario Kart, we enjoyed some birthday ice cream cones. Benji's look of concentration here is perfect.

Our little man is growing up so fast. He taught himself to ride a bike and makes friends everywhere we go. Benji loves music and to dance. He has made so much progress since starting kindergarten and has learned so much this year. Always tenderhearted, he is the first to notice anything different and will always tell others he loves them. We love our little man.

Pinewood Derby take 2

Peter was incredibly excited to participate in his second Pinewood Derby for cub scouts.

He (okay, mostly Travis) modeled this year's car as Bullet Bill from Mario Kart.

He didn't come home with the gold cup, but we had a fun night.


Easter weekend was so much fun. The kids got totally partied out. Nora got invited to a little egg hunt at our friends and she got so excited to find all the eggs once she discovered that there was candy inside. Smart girl.

The our church hosted an egg hunt for the kids but the wind was blowing like 40 mph and we didn't wind up staying very long. That didn't stop Peter and Benji from finding the maximum amount of candy to devour.

Easter morning the kids got very excited for the Lego sets and playdough the Easter Bunny brought.

Travis hid some eggs for the kids to find after church and they once again braved the wind to find treasure.
 Even Bruce got into the hunt.

 Finally, we threw cascarons for good luck.
Followed by a yummy dinner and it was a successful Easter all around.

April 12, 2017

Deep Sea Fishing Boys Trip

Travis had a great plan to take the boys on a Deep Sea Fishing Boys trip last year during the kid's spring break, only all the kids got hand, foot and mouth disease days prior... :(

So this year they made it! ...and only a year late!

Here they are up and out the door at 3:30 AM.

...just before boarding our vessel.

The crew took a liking to us and slipped the boys the best of the raw squid bait. 

Pete was all about the catching fish but adamantly against touching them. Here he is with his halibut.

Benji was therefore designated as our fish handler.


...And this was right after the crew told Benji the Scorpion Fish he was holding had venomous spikes.

We ended up with a halibut and 8 whitefish and a few scorpion fish that we couldn't keep (most weren't even bigger than the bait we were using!). But we didn't get stabbed any venomous spikes so that's a plus!

You can see that Benji's not entirely convinced the fish isn't going to turn and attack!